Dytto's Rise To Stardom!!

Dances like popping, robotics, and tutting lure the viewer's eyes and hearts and the same is for the gorgeous dancer Dytto who has won the heart of several viewers across the world for her dancing skills.

Rumored to have dated her fellow dancers, is the dancer dating someone or is focused to make her career stronger? Let's take a look at her love life! The talented dancer has gained a huge number of fan followers for her fabulous performance.

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You probably have thought that this pretty lady sure does have a boyfriend but the dancer seems to be single currently. Both of them appeared in the World of Dance Industry Awards together in where they looked too close to each other. Not only with Roshan, Dytto was also rumored to have dated her fellow dancer, Fik Shun.

Do the 20 Years American Dancer Dytto Have a Boyfriend? Her Past Affairs And Career At Glance

The two has appeared in several videos together but fans speculated that the two were dating back in days. There was no legit announcement about the two dating but speculations emerged as the two performed together in videos which led to a possibility of the two dating each other. Rumors about them dating emerged from that video as well. Later this year, auditions will start across the country.

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In the meantime, Dance Informa spoke with Amy and Fik-Shun the morning after their win to hear about their experience on the show and plans for the future. Photo by Adam Rose. Amy and Fik-Shun were partnered together since the start of the show and it seemed to be a dream partnership. And that chemistry is something that the judges and viewers alike picked up on, labeling them a cute couple.

Amy and Fik-Shun Win SYTYCD!

So are they dating? Although the two were always standouts from the beginning, they were still very shocked to have won. She dances way longer and more extended.

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  • Dytto & Fik-Shun | The Handshake.

When it came down to it, we were just completely different dancers in different ways. We had an amazing journey. But after the tour and the hype of SYTYCD these two young dancers will have to forge out careers for themselves in the competitive entertainment industry.

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Amy has similar thoughts. I want to do movies, I want to do companies, I want to be in a music video, and go on tour with someone.

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I want to do it all! This dance was a standout of the season. Before the show the two were at college.